The Farley Foundation

What is the Farley Foundation?

The Farley Foundation is a registered Canadian charity that assists low-income pet owners by subsidizing the non-elective/emergency veterinary medical care of their beloved pets. By working with veterinary clinics, the Farley Foundation is able to assist pets in receiving life saving treatments that their owners otherwise could not afford.

Why do we celebrate Farley Month (October)?

At Gateway Pet Hospital, we understand how important pets are to people. We understand the connections between humans and animals. We celebrate Farley month because the Farley Foundation has allowed thousands of owners to continue to spend valuable time with their beloved pets.

In the past, the Farley Foundation has offered assistance to over 11,500 pets! These pets otherwise would not be able to get the important veterinary care needed to keep them alive and thriving.

How does the Farley Foundation help?

The Farley Foundation works with members of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association to allocate funds to pets who need treatments such as surgery, diagnostics and hospitalization. Procedures that are not eligible for funds include routine physical examinations, vaccinations, spays and neuters, and dental care.

Who can the Farley Foundation help?

The Farley Foundation provides funding for owners who indicate that they cannot afford required treatments and one of the following criteria apply for their situation:

  • Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) - for seniors
  • Ontario Works (OW) - long-term unemployed
  • Ontario Disability Support Payment (ODSP) - disabled individuals
  • CPP Disability Benefit - disabled individuals

How can I apply for the Farley Foundation?

As the Farley Foundation works with members of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, veterinary clinics can apply on behalf of owners in need. To confirm eligibility of funds, your veterinarian must complete the necessary documents and submit them to the Farley Foundation. The documents needed include:

  • A completed funding application form (for veterinary use only).
  • An itemized, written treatment estimate setting out the work to be done.
  • A current document of proof (which includes the pet owner's full name and address) from the program through which the pet owner is receiving a government income subsidy

If you are interested in donating to the Farley Foundation, visit