Feline Grooming Consent Form


Thank you for choosing Gateway Pet Hospital. The health and safety of your cat is our top priority. We want to make every effort to ensure your cat has a positive grooming experience. Please read the following consent form carefully. We ask that you sign the consent once, and we will keep it on file. We ask that you update it if any changes arise.

1. Vaccination:

Gateway Pet Hospital is located in a veterinary hospital. As with any location that is frequented by other cats, transmission of certain infectious agents is possible. We take all reasonable steps to ensure thorough and frequent sanitization of our facility to minimize spread.


In order to ensure your cat’s safety, and the safety of other cats, we require proof of current vaccination status for Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia and Rabies. If there is a reason that your pet can not be vaccinated, please contact us. Despite appropriate sanitization and vaccination, the spread of some infectious agents can still occur.

2. Medical History:


By signing this consent, you are giving us permission to call your regular veterinary hospital for your pet’s medical records if there is a medical condition that poses a concern to his/her health during grooming.

3. Allergic Reactions

The products that we use are chosen carefully for their quality and gentleness on the skin and ears. However, skin, ear or eye reactions to any topical products can occur. Gateway Pet Hospital does not take responsibility for skin reactions to the products that we are using. If your pet has sensitive skin, or a dermatological condition, we are happy to use a different product if you provide it to us

4. Senior Pets

Senior pets can pose a higher risk of injury or illness. Please ensure that your senior pet is being examined regularly by a veterinarian and has been deemed healthy enough to be groomed. Some senior pets with arthritis or joint pain may show more stiffness after being bathed and groomed. If we have concerns about the health or safety of your senior pet during grooming, we may have to alter the grooming plan or halt the groom in order to accommodate them. We will not compromise their health or well-being for “the perfect groom”.

5. Medical Emergencies

If your pet experiences a medical emergency during a groom, all efforts will be made to contact you immediately. If you cannot be contacted, or your pet’s condition is too emergent to contact you, we reserve the right to provide immediate emergency medical treatment via a veterinarian in our facility. By signing this consent, you agree to allow the veterinarian to make decisions about the treatment of your pet in order to ensure his/her immediate safety and comfort until you can be contacted. All veterinary expenses will be the responsibility of the pet owner.

6. Behaviour

The safety of your pet, and our staff is our primary concern. Our goal is also to minimize your pet’s stress. All pet owners must inform Gateway Pet Hospital if there is any concern that the pet can be aggressive, unpredictable, has bitten in the past or has any other behavioural concerns including anxiety and stress. Anxiety and stress is a common cause of aggression. In select cases with animals that are highly stressed or anxious, it may be appropriate to consider the use of anxiety medications or light sedatives to ensure their groom is a comfortable experience for them and we will discuss these options with you in detail if necessary.


We will make every effort to minimize stress, and to groom uncooperative animals. However, cases may arise where the pet’s behaviour poses a threat to the groomer, other pets in the facility, or himself/herself. By signing this consent, you agree to allow Gateway Paw Spa to attempt to use a muzzle on your pet, if it can be done so safely and with minimal stress. If your pet can not be safely groomed, we reserve the right to stop the groom, and you will be called to come and pick up your pet. You will be responsible for any work that has been done up until the time of cancellation.


All bites are reported to the local authorities by law.

7. External Parasites

If your pet is found to have fleas, we will notify you immediately. If you wish to proceed with the groom, you must consent to a flea treatment. If you cannot be contacted, your pet will be treated for at your expense. Any ticks that are found will be removed at no additional charge and the owner will be notified.

8. Health Concerns that Arise During Grooming

Sometimes grooming can expose health concerns. For example, ear infections, skin lumps, torn nails etc. Your groomer will inform you of any health concerns that were found during the grooming experience at the time of pickup. If the health concern affects our ability to proceed with the groom, you will be contacted immediately. If the health concern affects our ability to proceed with the groom, we reserve the right to cancel and you will be contacted immediately. Your groomer can discuss if an alternative grooming plan can be arranged.

9. Matted Coats

Matted fur can be painful and can pose a threat to your pet’s health. Matts may require shaving close to the skin which can increase the risk of nicking the skin, or clipper irritation. Skin underneath mats may have redness, irritation or infection from soiled fur, and close matting. By signing this consent, you agree to have matts shaved off, if possible to do so without causing pain, and accept responsibilities for any skin conditions that are related to matting. Our groomer can recommend home brushing techniques to prevent matting.

10. Grooming Accidents

Grooming accidents are rare. However, minor complications such as nicks, cuts, scratches, clipper irritation and quicking of the nails can occur. Any incident will be reported to the owner. If necessary, a veterinarian will look at your pet. Any veterinary bills resulting from the pet being matted or aggressive or related to a pre-existing condition or a condition unrelated to grooming will be the responsibility of the pet owner.

11. Cancellations or No-shows

If you are unable to make it to your pet’s grooming appointment, please contact us at least 24 hours before your appointment. Last minute cancellations and no-shows will be subject to a cancellation fee.



Consent to share pictures of your pet(s) in a happy and comfortable state for social medial and/or educational purposes*

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