Fear Free

What is Fear Free?

Launched in March 2016, the Fear Free Certification Program is an educational online course designed to help veterinary professionals eliminate fear, anxiety, and stress and create a more rewarding veterinary experience for all involved.

Fear-free techniques revolutionize the veterinary industry by prioritizing the emotional well-being of animals, creating a stress-free and positive experience during their healthcare visits.

Tools & Resources

We are happy to provide our clients with tips, tools, and information on Fear Free and making each trip to the veterinarian as stress-free as possible.


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Our Fear Free Blogs

Stress-Free Veterinary Visit

Stress-Free Veterinary Visit

Read about why every pet deserves a stress-free veterinary visit.

Fear Free Moment with Vanessa

Fear Free Moment with Vanessa

What is Fear Free? How does your pet feel about going to the vet?