Keep Your Pet Well-Groomed

Your pet's coat, skin health, and subsequently your home, demand they are groomed regularly and kept clean. After all, a dirty dog is a messy dog, and a messy dog can come with all sorts of problems, both for your pet and to your home's overall cleanliness. Read on to learn more pet grooming information, from our pet professionals at Gateway Pet Hospital.


No two dogs are exactly equal when it comes to how often they would benefit from a bath. In general, we advise you to bathe your dog once every three months. However, you can bathe your dog as often as every other week. Answering the following questions may help you determine the proper frequency of grooming for your dog's optimal well-being:

  • What is Your Dog's Hair Length? Consider if your dog's hair lends itself to trap debris and dirt. If so, your dog may require more frequent baths than a short-haired breed.
  • What is Your Dog's Activity Level? Another aspect you should consider is your dog's regular activities. Does he mostly stay indoors and keep relatively clean? Does he enjoy digging in the park, rolling in dirt, or swimming in creeks? The answers to these questions will have a substantial impact on the frequency with which you will need to groom your dog. The higher your dog's activity level is, the more baths he may require.
  • Does Your Dog Have Any Skin Conditions or Allergies? If your dog has skin allergies, which is a pretty common condition, they might require a bath either more or less frequently than those without these issues. Ask your veterinarian about your dog's specific skin conditions.

If your dog requires more baths than typical, make sure you use a gentle shampoo that won't irritate your dog's skin.


Grooming your pet, either yourself or taking them to a professional, is one of the many responsibilities of pet ownership. With proper grooming attention, such as pet bathing, your fur baby will look as good as it feels and enjoy a happy, healthy life. Contact us at Gateway Pet Hospital to learn more about our excellent grooming services.