The most common issues we can address are weight issues and dental disease. According to the OMVA website, "it is estimated that 90% of pets over 2 years of age have significant mouth disease. Of that 90%, about 50% require immediate attention.” 

Dental disease can lead to other problems and infections within the body and its organs. Bacteria in the mouth can easily enter the bloodstream via inflamed and bleeding gums.  

Pets who are overweight or obese can run into health issues with their skin, show early evidence of arthritis, and develop diabetes.     

Our goal is to help pet owners understand the importance of prevention and to treat possible issues early, to help prolong the life of your pet. Working with our clients on prevention and early treatment can help save cost in the long run -- something we can all appreciate. With our senior pets (those 7+ years of age and older), we suggest having more frequent exams to help catch aging ailments in the early phases, thus aiding in the maintenance of comfort and dignity throughout this phase of their lives.

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