Diagnostic Services:

  • Radiology: Trained staff will acquire diagnostic digital radiographs to aid our veterinarians in getting an inside look, should your pet require x-rays.
  • Ultrasound: Sometimes ultrasound is more effective than x-ray to visualize internal organs, and soft tissues.  Our veterinarians can use our in-house ultrasound machine to assist in diagnosis of many internal diseases.   
  • Electrocardiogram: Our veterinarians can assess the function of your pet's heart in hospital.
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring: Just like humans, our pets can have blood pressure that is too high or too low.  Our in-hospital equipment can detect and monitor any issues that may be affecting your pet's health. 
  • In-House Laboratory: We can provide "while-you-wait" results for blood analysis, urinalysis and fecal analysis, as well as skin and ear cytology to get your pet the treatment they need faster.
  • We also work with an off-site laboratory to provide the more involved and complex testing that we are unable to offer in our hospital.

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