Accessibility Compliance 


Our facility will make every effort to comply with regulations set forth by the Government of Ontario, allowing accessibility to our facility the best of our capability. Any concerns or feedback should be addressed to Dr. Nina, by sending an email to:

This page will be viewed in larger font for those that have difficulty seeing small print. This page will outline policies and protocols in place to assist you with your needs.

Our facility has wheelchair accessibility and our washrooms are wheelchair friendly. We have automated doors allowing access to the treatment area of our hospital, and should you require any help with doors, our staff has been instructed to assist with holding open doors as needed. We will remove chairs from our exam rooms to make room for your wheelchair or the like.

Our deaf clients may use the Bell Relay Service so that we can provide them the information they need, or set up appointments for their pets. Please let us know the best way to communicate with you (ie. lip reading, writing messages on paper, typing notes on a computer or smart phone). We will alert your client file to notify our staff when a client is deaf, so that we can do our best to communicate with you when you are in our hospital. Our staff has been instructed to use whatever method of communication you prefer. We may wave or lightly tap your shoulder to get your attention, and will make eye contact with you so that you know we are ready to assist you. We will try to speak clearly and slowly so that you may have an opportunity to read our lips, if that is a skill you posses. We will try to keep the topic brief and alert you if we change topics. We will make efforts to communicate with our hands to help describe treatments or information.

Should we need to answer the phone while we are assisting you, we will try to convey that a brief interruption is needed.

Service pets are welcome to accompany any persons inside our facility to help their owners.

Persons needing the assistance of walkers, scooters, oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, or service persons may use any or all services they require when visiting our hospital. Our facility is a non-smoking environment, and therefore no flames should pose a risk to any persons using an oxygen tank. Our staff will try to provide as much help as needed when bringing in pets for services, or with carry-outs to the car when purchasing pet food.

For persons who are visually impaired, we will identify ourselves and our position within the hospital. We will describe findings on your pet's health exams or lab work. We will describe printed treatment plans and associated costs. We will provide you with a copy to take home, giving you the opportunity to have a non-visually impaired person review this document with you. We will be happy to show a non-visually impaired person (ie. family member, friend, or support worker) how to medicate your pet, should medications be dispensed during your appointment.  Persons who are visually impaired may request any staff member to read aloud this page or any other on our website to gather any information they require on the care of their pet.

For persons with learning disabilities, mental impairment, developmental disability, or mental disorders, especially those under 18 years of age, we will do our best to communicate with a supportive member of your family or support worker the needs of your pet, so that we can make an informed decision about your pet's required care.

If you have a disability and feel you require any care not listed in this document, please give us feedback by sending an email to our Dr. Nina Lepp at: We will make every effort to assist you with your ability to access our services and implement your suggestions. We will take into consideration any questions, feedback, or concerns, and address them with you at our earliest convenience via email or phone call. Please feel free to print this page or request a copy to be emailed or provided to you at any time. You may also request this page be read aloud. 

Our hospital and our staff wish to provide you with customer service that allows dignity, independence, integration, and equal opportunity.


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